Over the past 20 years, Acoq has been providing services to different real estate investors in Portugal. Real estate investment can be approached with an immediate income perspective, when the investment is aimed at short-term returns. When an investor has a profile focused on medium and long-term income, a different approach is taken, as the intention is to engage in long-term rental or operating short-term accommodation units.

In the case of medium and long-term investments, financing becomes an important aspect for the investment's success in terms of profitability.

Often, small investors with bank credit can apply a smaller amount and make the investment itself a source of savings, thus increasing its profitability.

Understanding the tax environment makes Acoq's role essential for investors, as each of the different options has a distinct tax framework. The tax legislation has undergone significant changes due to the strong real estate demand witnessed in Portugal in recent years.

Furthermore, Acoq has various strategic partnerships that provide comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market in different aspects, such as listing properties for sale, renting, short-term accommodation, and also concerning financing.

The tax impact of real estate investment can greatly assist in the investment decision-making process, especially in evaluating the different timeframes and solutions.

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