A range of services to meet the financial concerns of individuals and businesses.

In a business unit, information of and towards management is of vital importance to its performance. The ACOQ services aim to provide all the management information necessary to the setup, maintenance and growth of economic units.


Accounting is today an essential management tool and must first serve the manager and the company and business.

Tax Obligations

The constant changes in the Portuguese tax and contributive system require careful attention to keep businesses and individuals up to date with the latest information and ensure compliance with all obligations.


The continuous changing on markets will make essential the update of staff to allow company development.


Calculation of monthly salaries and issuance of income statements and insurance sheets.

Budgetary Costs Control

To monitor and measure the efficient use of its resources should be a constant concern for the life of institutions and the growth of businesses.


Tax Advising for Companies and Individuals

Timely care with tax matters will help you achieve a higher level of tax efficiency.

Company and Business Evaluation

The performance assessment of a company is leading to the knowledge of its market value, whether actual or potential.


Business Plans

A company when in a launch or change phase should be based on a duly formalized plan, to know its strengths and weaknesses.

Fiscal Representation

A non-resident individual, or a company entering a territory that it doesn’t master, has the need to have someone to represent them and defend their assets.

Specification of Services


Accountancy is an indispensable management tool nowadays. The management of your business must be supported by information justifying the Manager’s daily decisions. The activity of the entities, collective or individual, must have a different accounting treatment that is adjusted to the dynamics and dimension of the business that naturally influence the Manager’s need for information.

  • General, Analytical and Budgetary Accountancy:
  • Performed in our office or at the Client;
  • Accounting documentation picked up at the Client and processed monthly;
  • Computerized record of the monthly accounting documentation;
  • Specific accounts plan (if necessary);
  • Monthly accounting control;
  • Regular meeting with the Client for evaluation and outcome analysis.
  • Results simulation maps;
  • General explanatory trial balance monthly and accumulated;
  • Balance sheet and income statement whenever necessary and feasible;
  • Issuance of economical and financial ratios map of the activity;
  • Issuance of cash flow map;
  • Issuance of income statement by function;
  • File and documentation of Transfer Prices (TP);
  • Framing analysis of the taxpayer liability to the TP;
  • Documental analysis and preparation of the relevant TP file;
  • Preparation of preliminary agreements of TP.

We provide discounted prices for AFPOP members.

Tax Obligations

Declarative and contributive tax obligations:

  • Tax calculation (VAT, IRC, IRS withholdings, Social Security and Stamp);
  • VAT declarations (monthly/quarterly issuance);
  • IRC and Annual declarations (yearly issuance);
  • IRS withholdings, Stamp and Social Security;
  • Collection of the checks at the Client and payment in the respective Institutions.

The development of a company is sustained by staff with knowledge. Updating knowledge is obligatory to get a more productive enterprise, e consequently more capable to compete.

We have training in group or individually in areas as Accountancy, Taxation, Management and Administration.

Our company started the process of certification.

  • Calculation of monthly salaries;
  • Issuance of the income statement for employees and independent workers;
  • Issuance of Insurance sheet.
Budgetary Cost Control

The budget and budgetary control in institutions are an important support in the pursuit of goals that the entities have on their activity.

  • Extrapolation of fixed and variable costs of the activity;
  • Comparative analysis in time in volume and weight in the activity.
Tax Advising for Companies and Individuals

The growth of complexity on operations or transactions, make crucial the need of a previous study on tax implications. The Tax planning is very important to achieve a higher tax efficiency.

  • Tax simulations and claims in Income Tax (individual and corporate), and on Property Tax.

We provide discounted prices for AFPOP members.

Company and Business Evaluation

A business has to be profitable in terms of giving the shareholders their turnover uppon investment. To evaluate the performance of a business or of a Company is very important to know a potential value for eventual sale or eventual financing.

The strategy of a business or Company must have a starting point, and the evaluation is often the stage to evaluate the investment.

  • Report of Company Evaluation under study of viability (Performance Test);
  • Evaluation Report for Investor/Buyer.
Business Plans

A business or Company when launching a new product or service, or when changing strategy must have a formal plan, to help the definition of the different steps and stages of developing the business.

The business plan will define the strategy of the Company, and is the tool to get knowledge on the Company and where the business manager and his team will know their competences, the different risks that will be found.

  • SWOT analysis;
  • Elaboration of business plan;
  • Implementation of business plan;
  • Periodic monitoring of the business plan;
  • Result analysis.
Fiscal Representation

A nonresident being a Company or an individual , once making an investment abroad, doesn´t know all details from the country they are investing. Usually weather you have bought a property or simply you want to invest in one business, you will need our service of Fiscal Representation.

  • Connection of the nonresident collective or individual taxpayer to the Tax Authority;
  • Elaboration of tax returns of the nonresident taxpayer;
  • Management and control of tax compliance of the nonresident taxpayer;
  • Personalized support and advice to the nonresident taxpayer.

We provide discounted prices for AFPOP members.

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