Acoq has sought to create synergies that can bring competitive advantages to our clients. This approach allows our clients to utilize the professional services of other companies in areas that we consider important for both individuals and businesses.

As a result, we have established partnerships of various natures. We have partnerships in business and personal financing, operational partnerships supporting real estate investment, and partnerships with local and bilateral business associations.


Over the past years, Acoq has been seeking to find synergies that can provide complementary services beneficial to our clients.

Therefore, Acoq has established a partnership with an entity registered with the Bank of Portugal, known as Glenge Real Estate Lda.

Glenge Real Estate Lda is properly accredited and complies with all regulations imposed by the governing entities.

Glenge Real Estate Lda has partnerships with various Banking Institutions in Portugal for housing credit, real estate leasing, and mortgage credit.

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Over the past years, Acoq has been providing a range of support services for private and corporate real estate investors. Real estate investment in its various forms has a tax impact that we have been informing our clients about. However, the need for a comprehensive understanding of the process also involves a promotional aspect that influences pricing and respective taxes.

As a result, our clients have access to a differentiated service in promoting the sale and managing their real estate investments.

If your property is involved in Local Accommodation, Glenge Homes & Holidays is well-prepared to provide a response based on principles similar to our own.

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Since 2006, Acoq has been supporting members of AFPOP. All AFPOP members receive a discount of 20% for occasional consulting and 5% for members with ongoing invoicing, including companies where the AFPOP member serves as a manager, as agreed with AFPOP.

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Acoq has been a member of the Portuguese-British Chamber of Commerce since 2009 and the Portuguese-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

At a local level, Acoq is a member of AESINTRA - Sintra Business Association.

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