The complexity of the entire tax and administrative system in dealing with various public entities is a daily challenge for our company. Balancing different commitments with the information needs of a business is essential for a successful path in a company's life.

Looking objectively at the best way for your business or company to succeed is a responsibility that we embrace with total commitment and rigor. A partnership only makes sense when it generates value.

We seek an involvement that facilitates the growth of your business, combining forces in its daily management.

Acoq has a vision in which businesses, companies, and relationships within the global market have long-term goals, seeking lasting and productive development, always with the aim of economic and personal growth for all participants!

The daily journey is challenging, with constant achievements that turn your business into a life!

Our History

In 2004, on April 13th, a company was born that became a life! With over 15 years of accumulated experience, always in contact with international investors and entrepreneurs, ACOQ was founded. We started in a small office in the municipality of Sintra, but our reach extended to the Algarve. Since 2006, we have been supporting individuals and companies in the Algarve, and today we have a network of business partners located in the Algarve, Alentejo, and the Greater Lisbon area. In 2016, we acquired an office in Albufeira. We strive for our activities to be carried out in a constant technological evolution, equipping our offices with current and empowering tools for continuous improvement in a logic of proximity.

In January 2022, we continue in the Municipality of Sintra and now have an office in Quinta da Beloura, which allows us to maintain an open line with our different partners in Greater Lisbon.

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Founder's Message

What's your plan? We learn, read, and hear that having a plan is essential for our personal and/or professional life.

In 2002, after 12 years of continuous work, I became an entrepreneur. The beginning of this phase brought many doubts and questions about the future, but I learned from the start of my professional journey that not knowing everything is a great virtue. Being willing to learn and "gain" knowledge makes us more prepared for what's to come!

In 2004, when I launched my first company, I naturally had previous experience in accounting firms for about 8 years, which allowed me to understand the steps to take. Due to my Management education, an approach to the process of managing a company is one of the differentiating characteristics that I set out from the beginning, always based on integrative and unique plans.

Acoq aims to simplify and identify the needs for a successful business/company. We are here to translate the complexity of accounting and taxation into simple and objective language.

Experience is quite important in an entrepreneur's life, but the pursuit of knowledge becomes imperative in the life of companies in our field.

In 2007, I completed a postgraduate degree in Tax Law at IDEFF - Institute of Economic, Financial, and Tax Law at the University of Lisbon, which brought complementary knowledge that I consider essential for the development of our company.

Throughout these years, I have always sought to stay updated on the latest work tools that reduce inefficiencies and promote improvements in our service offering.

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